Stoneflower Pottery & Tin

Wellsville, New York

Microwave Safe, Dishwasher Safe, Lead-Free Pottery

Bowls - my favorite form

Blue vegetable serving bowl with dark edge   lace cracker and cheese platters
Large modified bowl in white clay, Opaque Blue glaze with Butterscotch on the edge    
The bowl is my favorite form. There are hundreds of variations on the bowl.
  To the left is one of my favorite handle sprigs done in black clay with Geeze Louise glaze.
Above Platter with my favorite handles.    
Above - 12 inch Pasta bowl in white clay.   Pastal bowl in Geeze Louise with Butterscotch and Tomato Soup and lots of reflected light. It's pretty shiny.
Small cereal bowl - Glaze is Opaque Blue with Tomato Soup on the edge.   Large, deep bowl in White Clay with Black Sprigs, Glazed with Tapioca and owned by Chase!
It really is my favorite handle for a large bowl.  

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