Stoneflower Pottery & Tin

Wellsville, New York

Microwave Safe, Dishwasher Safe, Lead-Free Pottery

Ikebana Vases

Ikebana means living flowers or the way of the flowers. It's the Japanese art of flower arrangement.

This vase has a stainless steel pin frog, a metal device glued in the bottom to hold the flowers.

The pin frog allows for the placement of flowers with a harmony of linear constrution, rhythm and color. Flowers seem to last longer when placed in the pin frog and the frog allows the arrangment of flowers to be settled in space.

My pin frogs are stainless steel, not lead. Lead levels in drinking water must be fewer than 15 parts ber billion to be considered safe but water left in a vase with conventional lead/brass pin frogs for 10 days test at a level of 4,000 ppb if the water is changed every day. If left for the whole time the lead contamination increases to between 2 and 4 million ppb.

While you wouldn't drink this water (although a child or pet might!), you will likely pour it down the drain and put that toxic lead into our general water supply. Water is treated to remove bacteria and sediments but heavy metals aren't generally even tested for. Use lead free, stainless steel pin frogs.


A variety of sizes and colors.

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