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Mommy Vases - with a story since 1982 - Stories for grandma, sister, daughter, aunt, teacher, friend, dad, roommate, love and more.


Just before I made the first mommy vases, it seemed difficult. Emilie wanted tiny vases for her tiny flowers but I said I couldn't do it. "You have to try, Mommy," was her answer. - I told her my fingers were too big and she smiled holding up her hands announcing, "Use mine. They're little." - How could I refuse after that?
Since then I've made thousands of Mommy Vases, some only half an inch tall - with lids and handles no less.
Mommy Vases last a life time looking sweet while holding flowers and remaining so while holding memories.

Mommy Vases are for Moms, Dads, Daughters, Grandmas, Sisters, Friends, Aunts, Neighborhood Grandmothers, Teachers, Nurses, Room Mates, Librarians, Secretaries and Step Moms. Choose the vase and then choose the story. There are also general stories defining Moms, defining Love (from a child's or adult's point of view) and the full purpose Piccolo Vases from you Piccolo Playing Potter.



Vase - Story - Organza draw string bag - $5 each - always changing supply - handmade one at a time and varied in size and shape from 1 inch to 3 inches tall. - A perfect token gift or use in place of a bow on top of a baby gift.

Also sold in quantity for shower gifts. Moms get Mom Story. Grandmas get Granny Story, Aunts and Friends and such get their own stories. Call to discuss for time and availablility. 585 808 0385

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