Stoneflower Pottery & Tin

Wellsville, New York

Microwave Safe, Dishwasher Safe, Lead-Free Pottery

Mugs - most are $16 ----- Sets of mug and lid are $22

Mug in black clay glazed with Tomato Soup and Butterscotch. Mug in white clay with Butterscotch glaze touched with Tomato Soup on the edge.
Mugs in black clay, glazed Geeze Louise. Mugs can be purchased with a cover. In brewing tea, essential oils escape with steam but covering the mug keeps those oils in the brew. The covers also keep the tea, or whatever, warm for a long time.
Mug in white clay with black sprig. Glazed transparent on inside, Strawberry Peach on the outside and a rim of Tomato Soup. I make my glazes from food safe formulas and so name them myself. Mugs in white clay with black sprigs or in black clay - Tapioca inside - outside Tomato Soup, Tapioca, Opaque Blue, Lime Tapioca, Geeze Louise and Butterscotch.
Some mugs have wire cut designs on the bottom. Mugs are wheel thrown and modified. Handles hand pulled.


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