Stoneflower Pottery & Tin

Wellsville, New York

Microwave Safe, Dishwasher Safe, Lead-Free Pottery

New Ideas

Since my earrings were gathering in a pile on the dresser, it seemed reasonable to make a lovely bowl for them to hang on. This is my earring bowl. Earrings on the edges and bracelets and necklaces inside.  
Know any knitters? The yarn goes in the bowl and comes out of the bird's beak or goes into the steel spiral on the edge. Available in a variety of colors. Without the holes - great for chicken wings, chicken salad, chicken anything.  
This bird has no holes so would work well for fruit or other foods in need of a smile.  
Pen and pencil holder.  
Sponge holders - the sponges dry quickly and don't get nasty. I keep 2 sponges out and put one in the laundry or dish washer and then trade them out every time I run one of the washers. Cork pads on the bottom.  
Switch Plate covers made from cookie tins - single or double size - one of a kind designs  
While it seems reasonable to throw away or recycle empty iced tea cans, this is another choice. It takes about 15 tea cans to create a flower/wreath for the door. This is made with Arizona tea cans, wood and wire.  

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