Stoneflower Pottery & Tin

Wellsville, New York

Microwave Safe, Dishwasher Safe, Lead-Free Pottery

Utensil Holders

I generally call these spurtle holders just for fun. A spurtle is a wooden stir stick - like a wooden spoon handle without the spoon part - used to stir porridge (oatmeal). Great word, don't you think?
I appreciate wooden spoons, spurtles, sadza stir sticks, mashers, forks, salad tongs and other related wooden kitchen utensils. I have some from every place we have visted and some wonderful antiques that an unknown farmer whittled in front of the fireplace or on the front porch. I even have some that Rick has made for me. Worn smoothly into a flat edge or brand new, I'm a fan of wooden spoons.  

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